Young Scientist Organization


Welcome to the ABYS*

Founded at the 2014 SLAC/LCLS Users’ Meeting and Workshops, ABYS exists to foster the growth of the immediate next generation of XFEL scientists. ABYS provides a forum for BioXFEL Scholar education and plays a key role in determining how the Center’s education program operates. ABYS membership is open to the general public. We encourage any one with an interest in the XFEL field to join our mailing list.

BioXFEL provides educational opportunities for our geographically separated ABYS members through Meetings, Workshops and Online Colloquia. Some of these opportunities are described below.

Meetings and Workshops - Special Events for ABYS Members

Annual International BioXFEL Conferences

Every year, BioXFEL sponsors an International Conference that promotes that latest developments in the field of X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) science. Each conference includes talks from the leaders in the field, professional development events, and an opportunity to network with world-class scientists.

LCLS Users’ Meeting Session For BioXFEL Students and Postdocs

ABYS meets every even year (2016, 2018 etc.) at the annual Users’ Meeting to discuss current events in the broader XFEL field, progress with LCLS upgrades, and discuss the content of BioXFEL’s education program. Tours of the LCLS facility are available, our members enjoy the opportunity to network with each other and leading scientists working in structural discovery.

Data Analysis Workshops

One of the greatest challenges faced by BioXFEL scientists is how to deal with the large and fundamentally new types of data sets generated by serial femtosecond crystallography experiments. This annual workshop brings students and postdocs together with leading data analysts and software developers to discuss the latest methods for tackling data analysis problems. The workshop combines lecture presentations with practical exercises and tutorials on state-of-the-art software tools.

BioXFEL sponsors a recurring workshop covering the challenging process to help train the next generation of researchers in this complicated, but necessary skill set. This workshop has been associated with the LBNL users meeting (2014), the annual ACA meeting (2015, 2016) and is scheduled to take place along with the BioXFEL annual Conference (Jan. 2018).

Customized Workshops

BioXFEL creates unique and specialized scientific workshops for ABYS members and sponsors at least 3 workshops a year. In the past, these workshops have covered topics such as: Protein Crystallization, Single Particle Imaging, Single Particle Sample Delivery, Nozzle Making, Fellowship Grant Writing, Beamtime Proposal Writing, Protein Production and Purification, Remote Synchrotron Data Collection and more.

If you have suggestions for our next workshop, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


X-ray Laser Interactive Network Colloquia (XLINC)

Journal clubs

BioXFEL graduate students discuss recent publications with important implications for XFEL science. These live sessions are recorded and posted as a BioXFEL publication summary on our website and can be found on our YouTube Channel

Online Lecture Series hosts a variety of Educational content that mirrors the interdisciplinary nature of the XFEL Science field. These lectures provide our Scholars with educational content that can not be found in typical Graduate or Undergraduate courses and includes many of the workshops that we have sponsored. For a complete list of this content, please visit our lecture site or stop by our YouTube Channel and subscribe.

Online Seminar Series

Leaders in XFEL-related fields present the latest thinking on topics unique to XFEL science. These live presentations are recorded and posted to our website to promote the work of the Center and provide the general public with an in-depth description of our work. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest updates

 *Unlike an actual abyss, ABYS, encourages people to move on to new locations, fields of study or occupations. ABYS is not a bottomless pit, rather a collection of members that supports one another to prevent each other from being entrenched within a metaphorical abyss and expand their capabilities to reach new horizons. ABYS and it's creators are fully aware of the irony of the chosen acronym, but take no responsibility for any action you take upon the information you find on this website that results in your entrapment in a bottomless pit. ABYS participation is strictly at your own risk. ABYS will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with bottomless pits.