BioXFEL has been involved in more than 150 XFEL experimental beamtimes. These experiments are typically up to 5 days long at one of a number of XFEL facilities that have opened in recent years. Most experiments have been performed at LCLS in California, the world's first hard X-ray free electron laser, but the opening of new facilities such as SACLA in Japan, the European XFEL in Germany, PAL XFEL in Korea, and others around the world have enabled greater access to these unique resources. We also have worked to enable some of our technologies at synchrotrons. Links below will take you to our beamtime archives and other useful data analysis resources.


BioXFEL Beamtime Archive


Data analysis resources:

Serial Crystallography

Serial Crystallography at LCLS - Resources and tutorial





Single Particles


Data Archives (Single Particles and Nanocrystals)

CXIDB - Practice Datasets from LCLS

Visualizing Crystallographic Concepts

XRay View