Individual Success Stories

We've had many successful interns during the past few years, below you'll find some of the students and their stories. 

If you went through our internship program, please update us on your current status. 

Former BioXFEL Interns

University at Buffalo, Grant Lab, 2017
Hauptman-Woodward, Snell Lab, 2015
Hauptman-Woodward, Snell Lab, 2015
Arizona State University, Hogue and Liu Labs, 2015, 2016
Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Snell Lab 2016
University of Milwaulkee Wisconsin, Saldin Lab, 2017
Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Bauer Lab, 2018
Stanford University
SLAC, Cohen Lab, 2018
Arizona State University, Ros Lab, 2016
University of Puerto Rico
BioXFEL Undergraduate Summer Intern
Center for Free-Electron Laser Science