Graduate Students and Postdocs

Graduate Students 

Graduate studies with BioXFEL are available at some of the best research universities in the country. Our students have the advantage of being exposed to the many disciplines of XFEL science and receive supplemental educational opportunities that are not available at their home institution. Pursuing a Graduate degree with one of our partner institutions provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and cutting-edge experience.

Our Center is committed to advancing our research, and our graduate students are part of its successful future. Students are fully integrated into the research of each major group and have the opportunity to prepare samples, plan and execute experiments and collect data. Undergraduate students from multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, chemistry, engineering, physics, biology, biochemistry and biophysics can find a graduate program well suited to their advanced studies through BioXFEL Center participating institutions.

Graduate students are critical to the success of the BioXFEL Center. As evidence of our commitment to graduate education, many students are strongly represented as authors on publications of the preliminary work supporting the Center grant.

Key advantages for students enrolling in Center participating programs include: 

  • Curriculum prepared through short courses, full courses and webware tailored to enhance a comprehensive understanding of BioXFEL.
  • Regularly scheduled peer-to-peer data meetings exposing future researchers to other aspects of the project.
  • Professional development sessions targeted at expanding written skills, oral presentation abilities and grant writing competencies.
  • Attendance at the BioXFEL annual conference is fullysupported by the Center for all Scholars.


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Cross-Training Scholarship


BioXFEL offers a unique set of professional development activities that are customized to meet the needs of our Scholars. Postdoctoral Scholars provide feedback on their desired activities and the Education and Diversity Committee design and implement initiatives that are based on these needs. This type of user-defined programming has ben very effective in recent years and provides worthwhile and useful experiences, as evidenced by our feedback surveys. Center activities include scientific workshops, professional development, and networking events. 


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