Postdoctoral positions are a key component of our program and are available at nearly all of our participating institutions. Our program encompasses a full mentorship program, participation in Center conferences and prepares each person for a successful, independent research career.


BioXFEL Center postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to take a leadership role in facilitating and coordinating professional development sessions and research communicating workshops are their Center site.

The BioXFEL Center's postdoctoral fellows program is a career-focused, professional development curriculum intended to prepare future independent researchers for advancement in academia, industry or government.

Fellows additionally expand their experiences through:

  • Guidance by their BioXFEL mentor with an individualized development plan
  • Participation in the BioXFEL Center seminar series which regularly updates all participating institutions on Center progress
  • Integral involvement in data collection and analysis
  • Presenting at scientific meetings and, receiving the highest quality training, from leaders in the BioXFEL field.

To search for BioXFEL postdoctoral opportunities please see our current openings.