Structural Biology with X-rays: Data Collection and Analysis at the SSRL Synchrotron

BioXFEL will be sponsoring a X-ray Data Collection and Data Analysis workshop in collaboration with scientists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) National Lab on Saturday and Sunday January 25th - 26th (and optionally, on Monday the 27th for additional hands-on instruction). We will be offering a hands-on training workshop for protein crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering, and x-ray spectroscopy and imaging with remote access to the synchrotron at SSRL for data collection and data analysis. The workshop will first provide participants with a fundamental overview of the data collection process. This will be followed by practical sessions in sample handling, data collection strategies and logistics that are necessary to collect and process X-ray data from macromolecular crystals, samples in solution and include spectroscopy and imaging examples from a board variety of biological and environmental examples. Students are encouraged to send in either protein crystal samples or solution scattering samples – please contact the workshop organizers if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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Location: Molecular Science Research Center (MSRC), UPR Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico


Submitting Samples: For more information on submitting macromolecular crystal or solution samples, please see our guide here. Crystallography samples,must be shipped before January 17th. SAXS samples must arrive before January 23rd


Saturday January 25th


9:00 am – Intro to Structural Molecular Biology at SLAC (Jeney Wierman)


9:30 am – Macromolecular Crystallography Data Collection at SSRL (Clyde Smith)


10:15 am – Break


10:30 am - Hands-On Protein Crystallography Data Collection Tutorial (Jeney Wierman)


12:00 pm – Lunch


1:00 pm – Tips and Tricks: Sample Preparation and Shipping to SLAC (Silvia Russi)


1:30 pm – Overcoming Experimental Challenges – Metalloenzymes, Dynamics, Radiation Damage, Small Crystals and Weak Signals (Aina Cohen)


2:30 pm – Controlled Dehydration and Room Temperature Experiments (Silvia Russi)


3:15 pm – Break


3:30 pm – Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Data Collection at SSRL (Thomas Weiss)


4:30 pm – Intro to EXAFS and Combining Spectroscopy and Imaging (Jocelyn Richardson)


5:30 pm – Dismiss!



Sunday January 26th


9:00am  - Small Angle Scattering Processing Hands-On Tutorial (Thomas Weiss)


10:00am – Combining XAS and Imaging in Processing Tutorial/Demo (Jocelyn Richardson)


11:00am – Protein Crystallography Data Processing Demo/Tutorial (Clyde Smith)


12:00pm – Lunch


1:00 pm –– Hands-On Metalloenzyme Data Collection (Radiation Damage, Experimental Phasing) (Aina Cohen)


2:30 pm – Hands-On Data Processing (Silvia, Jeney, Clyde, Thomas, and Aina)


5:00pm – Dismiss!




Monday January 27th (optional)


9:00am - Hands-on instruction (continued) plus project-specific assistance


This workshop is associated with and will precede our Annual BioXFEL International Conference in San Juan Puerto Rico. The official conference and workshop hotel is the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. Click HERE to make your reservation.



Please email Bill Bauer with any questions about logistics or general workshop questions and Jennifer Wierman or Aina Cohen about submitting samples or for technical questions on the courses.