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  1. Structure solved from smallest protein crystals yet

    The room temperature structure of natively formed protein nanocrystals consisting of 9,000 unit cells has been solved to 2 Å resolution using an unattenuated X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) beam, …


  2. BioXFEL Opens Interactive Exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Science

    BioXFEL recently unveiled an installation at the Buffalo Museum of Science. It is located within the exhibit “Our Marvelous Earth”. Visitors can explore the world of crystallography through an …


  3. Markelz receives $1.35 million to study molecules’ vibrations, opening new possibilities for an emerging field

    Molecules vibrate and resonate. These vibrations enable life to function, they are believed to play a role in photosynthesis in plants and protein folding in general. BioXFEL participant and …


  4. New way to discover structures of membrane proteins

    Membrane protein perform a variety of functions vital to the survival of an organism. As a result understanding how they work and why they malfunction has been an interest of researchers. However …


  5. Nature article sheds light on new machine learning algorithms for protein structure predicition

    A new set of machine learning algorithms developed by University of Toronto researchers allows for quicker and more reliable generation of 3D structures of protein molecules. The algorithms could …


  6. BioXFEL NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Proposal Writing Workshop

    BioXFEL will be holding a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) Proposal Writing Workshop prior to our NSF site visit on May 22nd, 2017. It is our hope that this workshop will give our …


  7. Measure by measure: X-rays show viral transformation

    Viral multiplication A new insight into how viruses replicated based on X-ray crystallography work by a team at Thomas Jefferson University could ultimately lead to new antiviral drugs to treat …


  8. Shanghai team develops 'world's brightest VUV free-electron laser'

    Scientists completing a new free-electron laser (FEL) in China say that the facility now delivers the world’s brightest source of light in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectral region, yielding a …


  9. Thank You for Another Succesful BioXFEL Conference

    Thank You for Your Attendance and Sponsorship of the 4th BioXFEL Conference and Single Particle Sample Delivery Workshop We would like to thank you for your attendance of the SP Workshop and …


  10. BioXFEL Jazz Trio Performed Live at Caesar’s Palace

    The BioXFEL Jazz Trio headlined the 4th Annual BioXFEL International Conference at Caesar’s Palace featuring John C. H. Spence (piano, guitar, flute), Uwe Weierstall (bass), and Nadia Zatsepin …


  11. Seeding x-ray free electron lasers with customized electron beams produces incredibly stable laser pulses

    The Science New electronic devices and energy solutions depend on scientists clearly seeing atoms and molecules at work. Modern x-ray free-electron lasers do just that using electrons to produce …


  12. Synthetic nanoparticles achieve the complexity of protein molecules

    Chemists at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated that synthetic nanoparticles can achieve the same level of structural complexity, hierarchy and accuracy as their natural counterparts - …


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