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  1. UB receives $4.5 million from SUNY to recruit top faculty

    UB has been awarded $4.5 million to hire world-class scholars whose work will boost the university’s research enterprise and educational offerings while enhancing innovation in the Buffalo Niagara …


  2. XFELs Open A New Era in Structural Chemical Biology

    X-ray crystallography, the workhorse of structural biology, has been revolutionized by the advent of serial femtosecond crystallography using X-ray free electron lasers. Here, the fast pace and …


  3. Chemically Stable Lipids for Membrane Protein Crystallization

    Cherezov lab members in association with researchers from The Scripps Research Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Institute of Complex Systems have designed, synthesized, …


  4. Serial millisecond crystallography of membrane

    Crystal structure determination of biological macromolecules using the novel technique of serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) is severely limited by the scarcity of X-ray free-electron laser …


  5. Drop-on-demand sample delivery for studying biocatalysts in action at X-ray free-electron lasers

    X-ray crystallography at X-ray free-electron laser sources is a powerful method for studying macromolecules at biologically relevant temperatures. Moreover, when combined with complementary …


  6. Flexibility and Design: Conformational Heterogeneity along the Evolutionary Trajectory of a Redesigned Ubiquitin

    Although protein design has been used to introduce new functions, designed variants generally only function as well as natural proteins after rounds of laboratory evolution. One possibility for this …


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  1. Flow-aligned, single-shot fiber diffraction using a femtosecond X-ray free-electron laser

    02 Jun 2017 | BioXFEL Publications | Contributor(s): David Popp, N. Duane Loh, Habiba Zorgati, Umesh Ghoshdastider, Lu Ting Liow, Magdalena I. Ivanova, Mårten Larsson, Daniel P. DePonte, Richard Bean, Kenneth R. Beyerlein, Cornelius Gati, Dominik Oberthuer, David Arnlund, Gisela Brändén, Peter Berntsen, Duilio Cascio, Leonard M. G. Chavas, Joe Chen, Ke Ding, Holger Fleckenstein, Lars Gumprecht, Rajiv Harimoorthy, Estelle Mossou, Michael R. Sawaya, Aaron S. Brewster, Johan Hattne, Nicholas K. Sauter, Marvin Seibert, Carolin Seuring, Francesco Stellato, Thomas Tilp, David S. Eisenberg, Marc Messerschmidt, Garth J. Williams, Jason E. Koglin, Lee Makowski, Rick P. Millane, Trevor Forsyth, Sébastien Boutet, Thomas A. White, Anton Barty, Henry Chapman, Swaine L. Chen, Mengning Liang, Richard Neutze, Robert C. Robinson

    http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cm.21378 journal-article Popp, D. et al., 2017. Flow-aligned, single-shot fiber diffraction using a femtosecond X-ray free-electron laser. Cytoskeleton. Available at: …


  2. Crystallization of Membrane Proteins: An Overview

    01 Jun 2017 | BioXFEL Publications | Contributor(s): Andrii Ishchenko, Enrique E. Abola, Vadim Cherezov

    http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4939-7000-1_5 book-chapter Ishchenko, A., Abola, E.E. & Cherezov, V., 2017. Crystallization of Membrane Proteins: An Overview. Protein Crystallography, pp.117–141. …


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