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Sample Delivery Workshop at the 2018 LCLS Users Meeting

Category: Workshop

BioXFEL, along with LCLS, organized a workshop that will demonstrate the practical use of three commonly used sample injectors (LCP injector). The demonstrations will be led by developers and users of each system and will train general users in the techniques required to independently use these sample delivery techniques.

The second portion of the workshop will take place in the Injector Characterization Lab (ICL).  The use of three injectors will be demonstrated consecutively to a small group by the facilitators listed in the agenda. General users that attend this workshop will get first-hand training from the experts on how to setup their future LCLS experiments. We hope this will create more independent researchers and alleviate some of the burdens of sample delivery assistance from both SLAC and BioXFEL during critical beamtimes at LCLS. The participants will not be using or handling any of the equipment during the session.


Workshop Organizers:

Bill Bauer (HWI), Mark Hunter (SLAC), Bruce Doak (Max Planck Institut)


3D Printed Nozzles  Reza Nazari 8:30 am  9:00 am 
Flexible sample delivery by combining droplet on demand with fixed target systems   Franklin Fuller SLAC 9:00 am  9:30 am 
Roadrunner III & IV: High speed fixed-target sample delivery Alke Meents DESY 9:30 am  10:00 am 
LCP Injector Development and Applications  Sahba Zaare 10:00 am  10:20 am 
Break    10:20 am   10:40 am
Mixing injector for serial femtosecond crystallography: principles, fabrication, and experimental design  George Calvey 10:40 am  11:10 am
Sheet Jet Development and Applications  Jake Koralek 11:10 am  11:40 am
Mesh and Co-Mesh Development and Applications  Raymond Sierra 11:40 am  12:00 pm
Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzle (GDVN) - Demonstration of the use of GDVN delivery systems  Reza Nazari, Sahba Zaare   1:15 pm  2:30 pm 
Break    2:30 pm  3:00 pm 
Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Delivery Systems Demonstration of the use of LCP injectors  Uwe Weierstall, Hao Hu 3:00 pm  4:00 pm 
"Mixing injector demonstration and practical training."  Andrea Katz, George Calvey  4:00 pm  5:00 pm 




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When: Friday, September 28 2018, 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET) (UTC -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Where: SLAC, Menlo Park CA