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  1. Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    "Demonstrating a concerted effort to enhance the diversity and inclusion of our Center is an essential aspect of NSF support. The Center administration is working hard to be as inclusive as possible, …


  2. Reach Out Semi-finals

    We are all very proud of our BioXFEL Scholar, Tek Narsigh Malla and our BioXFEL interns and UPR undergraduates Gabriela Díaz Figueroa and Ana Sofía Santiago-Russe for making it into the Semi-final …


  3. Structural Biology Services

    Department of Biochemistry Biophysics. Our goal is to provide non-specialist and specialist users with access to biophysical instrumentation designed to: Determine macromolecular structures by …


  4. 9th Annual International Conference

    No details available at this time. Please check back later.