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  1. Search for Assistant Professor in Biophysics at UWM

    Search for Assistant Professor in Biophysics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee The University The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), a research intensive premier public urban …


  2. Diamond Light Source Seeks Beamline Scientist

    The XFEL Hub at Diamond Light Source is seeking a Beamline Scientist for a full time, permanent position. This person will help with the activities of the Hub and its mission to enable and promote …


  3. Filming Antibiotic Resistance in Slow-Motion

    Using the X-ray laser European XFEL an international team of researchers has successfully filmed a reaction step that is important for the development of antibiotic resistance. The molecular film …


  4. Research Associate at Hamburg University, Germany

    Research Associate for the Project “Cluster of Excellence ‚CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter - Freezing Dynamic Structures of Macromolecules in Time” Institution Cluster of Excellence …


  5. Jobs at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Two new positions are available in the group of Aaron Brewster at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Computational Project Scientist …