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  1. Search for Assistant Professor in Biophysics at UWM

    Search for Assistant Professor in Biophysics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee The University The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), a research intensive premier public urban …


  2. Diamond Light Source Seeks Beamline Scientist

    The XFEL Hub at Diamond Light Source is seeking a Beamline Scientist for a full time, permanent position. This person will help with the activities of the Hub and its mission to enable and promote …


  3. Filming Antibiotic Resistance in Slow-Motion

    Using the X-ray laser European XFEL an international team of researchers has successfully filmed a reaction step that is important for the development of antibiotic resistance. The molecular film …


  4. Research Associate at Hamburg University, Germany

    Research Associate for the Project “Cluster of Excellence ‚CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter - Freezing Dynamic Structures of Macromolecules in Time” Institution Cluster of Excellence …


  5. Jobs at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Two new positions are available in the group of Aaron Brewster at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Computational Project Scientist …


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  1. Observation of substrate diffusion and ligand binding in enzyme crystals using high-repetition-rate mix-and-inject serial crystallography

    08 Sep 2021 | BioXFEL Publications | Contributor(s): Suraj Pandey, George Douglas Calvey, Andrea Katz, Tek Narsingh Malla, Faisal Hammad Mekky Koua, Jose M. Martin-Garcia, Ishwor Poudyal, Jay-How Yang, Mohammad Vakili, Oleksandr Yefanov, Kara Zielinski, Sasa Bajt, Salah Awel, Katarina Doerner, Matthias Frank, Luca Gelisio, Rebecca Jeanne Jernigan, Henry Kirkwood, Marco Kloos, Jayanath Koliyadu, Valerio Mariani, Mitchell Miller, Grant Mills, Garrett Charles Nelson, Jose L. Olmos, Alireza Sadri, Tokushi Sato, Alexandra Tolstikova, Weijun Xu, Abbas Ourmazd, John Spence, Peter Schwander, Anton Barty, Henry Chapman, Petra Fromme, Adrian P. Mancuso, George Phillips, Richard Bean, Lois Pollack, Marius Schmidt

    http://dx.doi.org/10.1107/s2052252521008125 Here, we illustrate what happens inside the catalytic cleft of an enzyme when substrate or ligand binds on single-millisecond timescales. The initial phase …


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