BioXFEL Annual Report 2014

By Jill Szczesek

Hauptman Woodward Institute


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BioXFEL will create a diverse and inclusive community of scholars who will transform our ability to
visualize the building blocks of life at a molecular scale, advancing from today's static pictures to
recording detailed motions. These "movies" will lead to deeper understanding and to the improvement
of the quality of life on earth.

Our goals to realize the vision comprise two central components, the first being a set of distinct scientific
goals to make use of XFELs in biology and the second, a set of goals to build the community through a
web of interactions closely linked to the scientific goals.

Scientifically we plan to transition from developing the routine use of nanocrystallography with XFELs to
the study of molecular systems in solution and finally, build the foundation for the long-term goal of
imaging single biological molecules. We plan to implement methods that allow both structural and
dynamic (including time-resolved) information to be obtained. The application and development of the
XFEL to structural biology and structural dynamics are bound together by a common dependence on the
development of the new technologies and software. We have a proven track record of international
cooperation in this area and use the STC mechanism to support the large collaborations needed to bring
diverse expertise to the problem.