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The BioXFEL Lecture Series is an online colloquium featuring lectures on various topics related to XFEL science in biology. Prominent experts in their respective fields, lecturers will present a broad range of materials from an introduction to XFEL radiation to more advanced topics of time-resolved studies, data analysis, single particle diffraction and more.

The upcoming seminars will be posted on the BioXFEL Events webpage as they become available. Each lecture will be recorded and posted online to our YouTube channel and here on our site. Recorded lectures can be accessed below.

Lecture Number/Topic
Production and Properties of XFEL Radiation
Dr. Pietro Musumeci (UCLA) discusses an introduction to the physics and characteristics of X-ray free electron lasers.

Joe Luft describes the theory and practice behind crystallography and nanocrystallography and discuss recent advances in the production, characterization, and optimization of nanocrystals.

2D Crystallography
Dr. Mattias Frank discusses new possibilities in the field of 2D crystallography made possible by XFEL sources.

2015 HWI Crystallization Workshop
Crystallization is the major bottleneck to 3D structure determination using X-ray crystallography. In this workshop we will discuss many tenets of successful crystallization for both conventional and …

Single Particle Reconstruction
Dr. Dilano Saldin discusses recent advances in algorithms for single particle reconstruction from solution scattering data at XFELs.

SFX Data Analysis Workshop at 2015 ACA
Serial femtosecond crystallography has yielded several major and unique advances in structural biology previously unattainable with conventional technologies, including the potential for …

Using XFELs to measure the solution structures of biomolecules
Dr. Lois Pollack presents an introduction to small and wide angle X-ray solution scattering techniques and describes the advances made possible by XFELs.

2015 Single Particle Imaging Workshop
How do you make a movie of a single particle jiggling and wiggling with atomic resolution and ultra-fast temporal resolution? How do you calculate the energy landscape or the kinetics/dynamics of a …

Introduction to XRayView Crystallographic Software
Dr. George Phillips introduces the basic concepts of crystallography focusing on the reciprocal lattice and Ewald sphere construction and using the XRayView software developed in his lab to help …

Multitemperature data and diffuse scattering in X-ray crystallography
Dr. James Fraser will discuss recent advances in mapping the structural basis of protein conformational dynamics using multitemperature data and diffuse scattering from both conventional synchrotron …

The Structural History of RNA Polymerase Transcription Machinery
Dr. Roger Kornberg, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, discusses the structural history of the RNA polymerase II transcription machinery and how it played a role in his successful career.