Hit Rate Calculator

By Tom Grant

Hauptman-Woodward Institute


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Data Analysis Scripts

'hits' is a python script that can be used to quickly calculate hits and hit rates from a series of different experimental runs from an SFX experiment when using Cheetah for hit finding.

It uses Cheetah's frames.txt file to calculate hits.  By default it will use your own hits, otherwise you can tell it to use another user's results the with -u option. With no parameters given it will simply calculate all the hits found so far and the hit rate from all runs. However, you can also give it a space separated list of runs, and can use shell expansion to do so.  You can also give it a tag and it will add up all the hits from that tag only.


usage: hits [-h] [-r R [R ...]] [-t T] [-u U] [-f]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -r R [R ...]  run numbers (optional, space delimited list)
  -t T          tag (optional)
  -u U          Username (optional, to use another users results)
  -f            Fast mode, reads from log.txt rather than from frames.txt (not
                as up-to-date)