By Tom Grant

Hauptman-Woodward Institute


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Output of peakogramData Analysis Scripts

'peakogram' is a script to plot a 2D histogram of peak intensities from SFX data.  Using the Cheetah peaks.txt file from hit finding results, it will plot peak intensity as a function of resolution in pixels, binned by the number of peaks. This plot can be useful for estimating resolution, assessing hit finding parameters, characterizing detector saturation, and other functions.

By default peakogram can be run with no parameters in a directory containing a peaks.txt file. Otherwise several options are available:

usage: peakogram [-h] [-i I] [-l] [--rmin RMIN] [--rmax RMAX] [--imin IMIN]
                 [--imax IMAX] [--nmax NMAX] [-o O]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -i I         peaks.txt file
  -l           log scale y-axis
  --rmin RMIN  minimum pixel resolution cutoff
  --rmax RMAX  maximum pixel resolution cutoff
  --imin IMIN  minimum peak intensity cutoff
  --imax IMAX  maximum peak intensity cutoff
  --nmax NMAX  maximum number of peaks to read
  -o O         output file prefix



Thomas Grant (HWI)