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SFX data quality metrics'stream2stats' makes quick work of calculating a variety of data quality metrics from SFX data and plotting them in a single, convenient graph for rapid characterization. Given a CrystFEL stream file this script will split the data into two separate streams. Each stream will be merged and the resulting lists of hkl intensities will be compared between both sets, yielding Rsplit, CC1/2, CC* metrics for the complete data set and as a function of resolution. These metrics will be plotted on a single graph along with the completeness for the entire data set as a function of resolution.

Calculate indexing statistics from CrystFEL stream file.
Will also create .hkl files if they don't already exist.

Usage: stream2stats <[options]>


    -h    Print this help
    -i    Input stream file (required)
    -y    Symmetry (required)
    -p    Unit cell file (.pdb, required)
    -l    Low resolution cutoff in (d in A).
    -u    High (Upper) resolution cutoff in (d in A).
    -n    Use <n> resolution shells.
    -c    Force calculation of hkl from stream (default: only if hkl doesn't exist)