BioXFEL Scholar Participation Tracker

The Participation Tracker was created to record Scholar attendance at various events/programs. Each event has a certain number of BioXFEL “credits”. The list of events and their corresponding credit value are below, along with the awards.  Each student will be required to earn a predetermined number of BioXFEL “credits” in order to earn the title of “BioXFEL Graduate”.


Current List of Activities and Events

  Event Credits
1.   Volunteer to mentor a summer intern 20
2.   Summer internship site coordinator 20
3.   Lead/teach at a BioXFEL workshop 15
4.   Mentor academic year undergraduate 15
5.   Give a presentation at Annual Conference 10
6.   Submit a BioXFEL Leadership Development proposal 10
7.   Submit an external fellowship proposal 10
8.   Submit a postdoctoral research proposal 10
9.   Apply for graduate student cross-training scholarship 10
10.   Participate in BioXFEL lecture series 7
11.   Attend annual site visit 5
12.   Give an online lecture 5
13.   Participate in a BioXFEL workshop 5
14.   Present poster at Annual Conference 5
15.   Present poster at LCLS/SSRL users meeting 5
16.   Volunteer as an event organizer 5
17.   Accept official ABYS club title 3
18.   Attend a diversity seminar/workshop 2
19.   Attend BioXFEL Annual Conference 2
20.   Attend LCLS/SSRL users meeting 2
21.   Create a BioXFEL account and update your user profile 2
22.   Meet with IDP mentor & submit updated IDP to BioXFEL 2
23.   Participate in an ABYS event 2
24.   Attend live online BioXFEL events 1
25.   Attend an ABYS social event 1
26.   Complete our IDP survey 2
27.   Download XFEL Crystal Blaster, leave a comment and rating 1
28.   Join the ABYS mailing list 1
29.   Write news article for BioXFEL website 5






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BioXFEL Graduate

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To get credit for your attendance/participation, or if you have any suggestions for events to be added to the participation tracker, please email Erin Uppington

Former Scholars can update their roles and contact information through our online form.