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SACLA 2019A Proposals DUE

Category: Experiment

Beamtime Proposals for SACLA 2019A Due Nov. 9th, 2018.  For more information please visit the SACLA website  


1.Types of Proposals

Call for 2019A Proposals at SACLA

  • General Proposals (Non-Proprietary Research)*1
  • General Proposals (Proprietary Research)*2

*1 For non-proprietary research:

  • Project leaders are obliged to publish their results (e.g., in refereed journals).
  • Please see the following link for details on the Complementary Use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or the K computer:

*2 For proprietary research:

  • Project leaders are not required to publish their research results but are required to pay fees for beamtime.
  • Project leaders, for the time being, should be affiliated with a corporate enterprise located and registered in Japan.

Once approved for beamtime, proposals are valid for only 2019A.

For Proprietary Time-Designated Proposals that have been called for throughout the year, please see the following link for details:

2.Applicant Eligibility

1) Non-Proprietary General Proposals
There are few restrictions on the eligibility of applicants for non-proprietary research:

  • Students are ineligible (however, students can participate as project team members in any research project).
  • If you are affiliated with an institution outside Japan, please have at least one local contact person that is affiliated with a Japanese institution participate in your experiment. If you cannot find one, please contact the Users Office.

2) Proprietary General Proposals
Applicants/project leaders, for the time being, should be affiliated with a corporate enterprise located and registered in Japan.

3. Beamlines and Equipment Available to Users

The following beamlines are available: BL3(XFEL1), BL2(XFEL2), and BL1(SXFEL). For details, please see the Beamline Technical Information for SACLA HP at the following link:

4. Research Period

The research period extends from March 2019 through July 2019* (excluding scheduled maintenance periods).
During this period, the facility will operate around the clock with user beamtime allocated for successful proposals.

For SACLA beamlines, the beamtime for non-proprietary research is basically allocated by 12-hour shifts (the FCBT may be allocated for up to six-hours). Beamtime for proprietary research is allocated in two-hour units.
*Subject to change, due to budgetary constraints.

5. Fees

Important: JASRI will cover the user fees for non-proprietary research submitted by foreign users within limits of the budget. Please note that the variable fee may not be covered if it exceeds the limits of the budget.

  1. Beamtime Fees
    [Non-proprietary Research] Users are exempt from paying beamtime fees.
    [Proprietary Research] 1,098,000 yen/2 hours (tax included)
  2. User Fees
    All users are required to pay user fees to cover the costs of beamline consumables used. User fees include a fixed fee for wear and tear on the facility and a variable fee.
    ◇Fixed Fee
    [Non-proprietary Research] 15,840 yen/shift (12 hours)
    [Proprietary Research] 2,640 yen/2 hours
    ◇Variable Fee:
    Calculated based on actual usage
Type of ProposalResearch TypeBeamtime Fee*User Fees*
Fixed FeeVariable Fee
General Proposal Non-Proprietary Users exempt from this fee. 15,840 yen/shift
(12 hours)
Calculated based on
actual usage
Proprietary 1,098,000 yen/
2 hours
2,640 yen/
2 hours

* Tax included.

6. Proposal Application and Required Procedures

Applicants/project leaders are required to submit proposals via the SACLA User Information website(SACLA UI site).

    1. User Registration
      To submit an application, user accounts (i.e., user ID and password) for SPring-8/SACLA are required for all participants of the experiments. For registration, please visit the website: Before starting the application process, project leaders must ensure that all project team members have completed user registrations.
    2. Application Method
      Applicants/project leaders are required to submit proposals online via the SACLA UI site using the web-based proposal submission system.
      Please see the following link for details on submitting proposals online:


      To avoid losing your work in the event of a browser crash or unexpected logout, you are strongly encouraged to first create a draft of your application offline using the MS Word templates provided.

Proposal Application Templates
  General Proposal (Non-Proprietary)
  General Proposal (Proprietary)
  1. Confirmation E-mail
    Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached copy of the Agreement (Rules for Users) in PDF format. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please log in to the system to confirm that your proposal was submitted successfully.
  2. Other


  • [Lifetime of Proposal]
    Approved proposals are valid only for the forthcoming user operation research term (2019A). Make sure that the proposed research can be completed within that period; beamtime cannot be approved for comprehensive research that cannot be finished within the timeframe of a single research term.
  • [Project Leader]
    The project leader is the person who will assume overall responsibility throughout the duration of the experiments at SACLA.

7. Online Proposal Submission Deadline

Friday, November 9, 2018, 10:00 am (Japan Standard Time)

To avoid last minute technical problems and possible network congestion, you are strongly encouraged to complete and submit your application well in advance of the deadline.
If you have trouble completing/submitting your application online, please contact the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office prior to the deadline.
If you are applying for proprietary research, you must submit a “Proprietary Use Agreement for Public Beamline*” and a “Proprietary Use Pledge for SACLA Public Beamline.”
Please download the agreements from the UI site, have them signed, and send them to the SACLA Users Office by post no later than November 16, 2018.
* Signed by the person who is responsible for the payment.

When: Friday, November 9 2018, 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET) (UTC -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima