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About the Group

Works on reconstitution of multi-protein complexes (MPCs) for biochemical and X-ray crystallographic studies. In particular we are interested in MPCs involved in: 1) nuclear events such as transcription initiation and DNA repair, and 2) Interactions of membrane receptors with their cytoplasmic partners. Since MPCs cannot be isolated as a whole from cells, we have developed biochemical tools that have allowed us to express and purify individual components (monomeric or multimeric) to reconstitute such MPCs. Our ultimate goals is to crystallize and perform structural studies using X-ray crystallography of these samples which posses great biological interest. We are also participating in development of methods using EM to identify best diffracting nano-crystals for femtosecond diffraction experiments. https://www.structbio.pitt.edu/index.php/12-faculty/14-guillermo-calero