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  • Created 13 Feb, 2014

About the Group

As part of the BioXFEL Center, Dr. Fromme’s group focuses both on method development of fs crystallography and the resolution of important biological questions using the novel methods developed. The project on method developments includes novel strategies and optimization of methods for growth, detection and characterization of protein nanocrystals. Trained as a biophysical chemist, she uses a rational design strategy that includes phase diagram determination for growth and size-stabilization of nanocrystals in high throughput. A large range of biophysical methods are currently used and under further development to characterize nanocrystals including, powder diffraction methods, dynamic light scattering and Second Order Non-linear Imaging of Chiral Crystals ( SONICC). Another focus for the BioXFEL Center of the Fromme Lab will be the development of improved methods for sample delivery that work in high throughput with minimal sample use in collaboration with the team at ASU. Her group also works with the team at ASU, at Stanford and Dr. Chapman at DESY on development of new methods for data evaluation for fs nanocrystallography data. This includes the development of new algorithms for indexing and structure factor refinement as well as phase determination. https://fromme.lab.asu.edu/home-page.