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About the Group

The Kornberg lab’s general interest in the BioXFEL Center is to explore the use of the nanocrystals and single particle analysis to study transcription and transcription regulator complexes. The Kornberg lab has two immediate projects they will embark on via the BioXFEL Center. The first project is a serial femtosecond crystallography project on the 1 MDa mediator complex for which they have nanocrystals, but have not demonstrated diffraction beyond ~20angstroms. They have PCS tested the diffraction of the Mediator crystals during LCLS run8. The second project is a time resolved study of transcription elongation. They have solved via traditional MX methods four stable states of RNA Polymerase II during transcription, and would like to fill in the transitions between these stable states using time resolved XFEL. A millisecond long Markov State Model simulation of the elongation process indicates there are two new metastable intermediate states that they have not been able to access using tradition MX methods. The Kornberg Lab plans to explore the use of caged compounds, as well as the proposed mixing injectors for this study. http://kornberg.stanford.edu/