Serial crystallography is a rapidly growing field with a correspondingly rapidly growing user base. One of the main bottlenecks in serial crystallography is the ability to rapidly filter and analyze large datasets to arrive at accurate structure factors for structure solution and refinement.

These workshops are designed as an introduction to serial crystallography analysis tools, and discussion of how to recognize and address data processing challenges and assess the data quality compared to 'normal' synchrotron crystallography. Lectures are available below along with video, interactive online presentations, and downloadable PDF slides. 


Serial Crystallography at LCLS - Resources and Tutorial

Past Workshop Resources

Practical Considerations for Crystallographic Data Analysis

Past Workshops

2014 BioXFEL Data Analysis Workshop was held August 21st - 22nd.  

2015 BioXFEL Data Analysis Workshop at ACA 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

2016 BioXFEL Data Analysis Workshop at ACA 2016 in Denver, CO

2018 BioXFEL Data Analysis Workshop will be held at 5th Annual BioXFEL International Conference. Details TBA.