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    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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    Russell Fung
    Department of Physics
    1900 East Kenwood Boulevard
    Milwaukee, WI 53211

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    Russell Fung received his Ph.D. in Surface Physics (2005) from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), and then worked there as a postdoctoral research associate in various groups from 2006 until 2009. His research focus has shifted from designing the best way to scan biological samples using a two-photon microscope (for which he obtained two U.S. patents) to performing the first proof-of-principle calculation which showed that diffraction patterns of randomly oriented identical single particles obtained using realistic XFEL dosage can be aligned and phased to recover their atomic structure. After a brief period at the University of California Los Angeles, where Dr. Fung worked on reconstruction from tomographic images, he returned to UWM as a Senior Scientist in 2010.

    Dr. Fung specializes in recovering dynamics in the presence of timing jitter in pump-probe experiments. Due to the stochastic nature of the production of X-rays, the measured arrival time of an X-ray pulse has an intrinsic uncertainty in it. If uncorrected, this uncertainty leads to poor time resolution. Dr. Fung is developing a technique based on manifold embedding that would allow fast dynamics to be recovered from data with corrupted timing information which is particularly useful to the projects of the BioXFEL Center.

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