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    George Phillips
    W100 George R. Brown Hall, P.O. Box 1892, MS-140
    Houston, Texas 77251-1892

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    Dr. George Phillips, Ph.D., the Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Professor of Chemistry at Rice University, consummated both undergraduate and graduate studies there, having earned a B.A., in Biochemistry and Chemistry (1974) and a Ph.D., in Biochemistry (1976).

    Currently, he is affiliated with the University’s Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Department of Chemistry, and the Keck Center for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, where his research is focused primarily upon computational biology and examining the structure and dynamics of proteins.

    Other ongoing projects in his lab include, acquiring an atomic description of the basis for binding oxygen and other ligands to heme proteins; developing new techniques for observing the dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids using diffuse X-ray scattering analysis and molecular dynamics simulations; structural genomic research, and a joint research venture with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center focused upon biofuel, with accentuation on cellulosic ethanol development.

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