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    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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    Peter Schwander
    Department of Physics
    1900 East Kenwood Boulevard
    Milwaukee, WI 53211

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    Peter Schwander has been Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He obtained his doctoral degree and training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich in the Department of Physics and completed a postdoctoral training at AT&T Bell Laboratories. In addition to academic appointments, Dr. Schwander has served in industry for Lesswire AG as their Vice President for Research and Development.

    Dr. Schwander’s research focuses on development of algorithms for 3D reconstruction of biological molecules from snapshots obtained from XFELs. In particular, he is concerned with gaining structural information in the presence of structural variability, such as conformations. It is the hope that his expertise will enable the BioXFEL Center to obtain a molecular movie of the dynamics of biological processes.

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