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    Dr. Uddin received his PhD from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His research interests over the past several years can be broadly classified as computational Biophysics or Soft Condensed Matter. Recently he is focussing on structure recovery of biological objects from diffraction data using correlation.

    In the process of biological evolution, simplest biological subunit was created in earlier phase before the evolution of more complex living cells leading the evolution of more intelligent animals. Evolutionary hypothesis claim the existence of RNA world on earth before modern cells was created.

    Most of the viruses are made of efficient combination of identical biological subunits. As an initial step towards the path of development of structure determination from non-crystalized biological samples via X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL), methods for structure determination of two major types of viruses, namely, the icosahedral virus and the helical ones, has been addressed in my recent work, from simulated diffraction data.

    (1) The Icosahedral Combination (such as Chlorella Virus, STNV etc.) whose protein subunits are self assembled to form the icosahedral shell containing the genetic material inside & (2) The Helical Shells (such as Tobacco Mosaic Virus, ebola etc.) whose protein subunits are self assembled along the helices to make roughly a cylindrical container to hold the coiled RNA inside.

    Work on the computational technique to recovery the fiber diffraction from quantities to be obtained from diffraction patterns of random orientations of helical viruses such as TMV has been reported in PRL “Fiber Diffraction Without Fibers” on June 2013 (

    Helical biological entities such as TMV or DNA consist of periodic arrangement of repeating subunits along the azimuth of the helices and many of those building blocks are repeated along the helix axis. So far fiber diffraction where helical molecules are aligned together to form fibrous bundle to obtain sharp Bragg spot along the layer line of the fiber diffraction pattern was the only method for solving such type of helical biological structure in nature. Such uniaxial alignment in experiment is very challenging due to entropic tendency of the molecule. Recently we found that helical structure such as TMV can be obtained from single particle scattering experiment from diffraction patterns of random orientations. Work on the reconstruction of icosahedral virus such as satellite tobacco necrosis virus (STNV) has been reported on Optics Express “Reconstructing an icosahedral virus from single-particle diffraction experiments” on Aug 2011. (

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