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    Arizona State University

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    (480) 965-9478

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    Brenda G. Hogue
    School of Life Sciences - Biodesign Institute
    PO Box 875401
    Tempe, AZ 85287-5401

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    Dr. Hogue’s laboratory has broad interests in the molecular mechanisms of replication and assembly of RNA viruses. They use coronaviruses as a model system. Coronaviruses are a large, widespread family of single-stranded, positive-sense enveloped RNA viruses that are medically important respiratory and enteric pathogens of humans and a broad range of domestic animals. The viral genome, ~30 kilobases (kb), is the largest among all RNA viruses. The genome is capped at the 5 end and contains a poly(A) tail. Replication and assembly occur entirely in the cytoplasm, where virions assemble and bud at internal membranes of the intermediate compartment, between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and cis Golgi. Closely related murine hepatitis (MHV), bovine (BCV) and transmissible gastroenteritis (TGEV) coronaviruses are also being studied. They use a system in which virus-like particles (VLPs) are generated when cDNA clones of the viral proteins and defective RNA genomes are co-expressed. A full-length infectious cDNA clone is also used to study the requirements for both assembly and replication directly in the context of the viral genome. An ultimate goal of the group’s studies is to use the information gained to identify potential targets for antiviral drug development, vaccine design and development of coronaviruses as vectors.

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