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    Arizona State University, University of Maryland-Baltimore, University at Buffalo

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    Ed Lattman joined the University at Buffalo (UB), Department of Structural Biology as a faculty member, and Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) as its Chief Executive Officer, in 2008. With the exception of a post-doctoral stint in the 1970s, Dr. Lattman spent his entire academic career at the Johns Hopkins University, beginning as a graduate student in Biophysics, and rising through the ranks to become Dean of Research and Graduate Education in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Enroute he served as Professor of Biophysics in both the Schools of Medicine and of Arts and Sciences, giving him a very broad perspective on university life. He also served as chair of the department from which he gained his Ph.D. degree.

    He was instrumental in setting up the Hopkins Institute for Biophysical Research, a unit that has served as a focal point for the dramatic growth of biophysics across the whole university. Dr. Lattman most proud of having hired the first women faculty members in the history of his department, and of being the principal investigator on the Molecular Biophysics NIH Training Grant awarded to Johns Hopkins. During this time, he was editor-in-chief of the journal Proteins for more than 15 years, leading it to a distinguished position in the field. He has served, and continues to serve, on many NIH committees. Notably, he was a member of the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council, and of the NIGMS Advisory Committee on the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI). With Patrick Loll, he is a co-author of Protein Crystallography: A Concise Guide. He also has a new upcoming book with fellow BioXFEL investigator, Eddie Snell.

    While in Buffalo, Dr. Lattman has expanded the UB Department of Structural Biology and HWI’s collaborations with both academia and industry. He established a management agreement with IMCA-CAT at Argonne National Lab, and as well has actively and successfully secured funding for scientific initiatives, most recently the purchase of a SONNIC for the HWI high through put laboratory.

    As former principal investigator for the BioXFEL Center, Dr. Lattman played a leadership role in guiding the Center’s activities with the BioXFEL Center Steering Committee and External Advisory Board, as well as working with fellow collaborator, Edward Snell, in identifying, growing, constraining and characterizing nanocrystals.

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