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    Dr. Bowman received her PhD in Chemistry from University of Rochester. She was a HHMI/NIH postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Catherine Drennan’s lab, and then a postdoctoral fellow in Bioenergy and Biome Sciences at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She joined HWI in 2017 as the Director of the High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center (HTCSC), and is an Associate Research Scientist at HWI, as well as a Research Associate Professor in Biochemistry at University at Buffalo. In the HTCSC, Dr. Bowman and her group are working to enable better techniques for detection of nanocrystals and new methods for in situ X-ray data collection. A number of BioXFEL laboratories send samples to the HTCSC for initial crystallization screening; the state-of-the-art imaging methods at the HTCSC facilitate detection of submicron biomolecular crystals. Dr. Bowman is also interested in developing methods to probe metal and radical containing biomolecules using combined X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic approaches.

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