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    Sarah Perry’s research program is focused on utilizing advanced microfluidic technologies self-assembly, molecular design, and microfluidic technologies to generate biomimetic microenvironments to study and enable the implementation of biomolecules and biological systems to address real-world challenges. Individually, microfluidics represents an enabling technology for high throughput analyses, while control over molecular interactions in self-assembling protein or protein-inspired polymer systems can be leveraged to control the interplay between biomolecules and the environment. Together, these capabilities can be combined for use in applications ranging from biochemistry to bioenergetics, biocatalysis, and biomedicine. By utilizing integrated, X-ray compatible microfluidic platforms they are interested in enabling the determination of protein structural dynamics for a wide range of high-impact targets that had previously been considered inaccessible. Dr. Perry received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign working on microfluidic platforms for the crystallization and study of membrane protein crystallization. She was a Postdoctoral Associate from 2010-2014, first in the Bioengineering Department at the University of California at Berkeley, followed by a move to the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago. Dr. Perry has been on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst since 2014. As part of the BioXFEL Center, the Perry lab is working to develop graphene-based microfluidics platforms to enable next-generation time-resolved crystallography experiments.

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