The XFEL Hub at Diamond Light Source is seeking a Beamline Scientist for a full time, permanent position. This person will help with the activities of the Hub and its mission to enable and promote dynamic structural biology at Diamond and at X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs).

To this end, the Hub is developing tools and methods to enable time-resolved serial crystallography experiments conducted at near-physiological temperatures, especially at XFELs but also at Diamond MX beamlines. We are also working to develop freeze-quench strategies to trap reaction intermediates for analysis by complementary approaches including structural and spectroscopic methods. The scientist will help the XFEL Hub execute a variety of R&D plans, which when successful, will yield robust and routine time-resolved serial crystallography strategies/results at Diamond, Diamond II, and at XFEL facilities. The candidate will also peruse R&D projects that are complementary to the mission of the Hub.

The position will very likely include international travel to XFEL facilities in the USA (LCLS), Japan (SACLA), South Korea (PAL-XFEL), Switzerland (SwissFEL) and Germany (European XFEL) for data collection along with members of the Hub and the international research community.

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