8. Managing and copying LCLS data

By Nadia Zatsepin

Arizona State University



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Managing your LCLS data

Refer to https://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/display/PCDS/Managing+Files

Data transfer from LCLS

There are a number of options for copying your data from LCLS:

1. You can use the psexport pool for copying your LCLS data via ssh 

$ ssh <username>psexport.slac.stanford.edu

You will not be able to run analysis on psexport. It is meant only for data transfer.
From psexport you can use rsync or scp to copy data to your home institution (you'll need a static IP address).
If you want to copy onto a laptop, you can rsync or scp from the laptop (without a static IP) by a command such as  

$ rsync -arx --stats --progress <username>@psexport.slac.stanford.edu:/reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/scratch/<username>  .

This will copy everything in your scratch/<username> directory to the location from which you ran the rsync command. 
Or you can use sftp as shown here
2. A faster and usually more reliable way to copy your data from LCLS (you only need the hits; so you won't need to copy all the xtc's) is using Globus Online or bbcp.