Every summer, BioXFEL leads a series of Communications Workshops concurrent with the summer internship program. Staff scientists Russell Fung (UWM), Bill Bauer (HWI) and Ganesh Subramanian (ASU) manage these workshops at their respective sites. The workshop is held bi-weekly and teaches our interns how to effectively organize and present scientific results. Through the summer, the students assemble and refine their presentaitons for their end-of-summer presentations. In addition, interns attend a scientific career paths seminar that is designed to give an overview of the types of scientific careers one might pursue and an undergraduate funding opportunities seminar. Summer interns  have the opportunity to discuss the presentation of scientific data in oral and poster presentations and work on producing their presentations and posters for the end of the year. In Buffalo, all interns attend the UB Summer Research Day and present their posters. One intern from each group is chosen to present their research in front of the 80+ Buffalo summer interns.

Past UB Research Day Presenters

2014 - Emily Kwan - Structural Studies of Cytochrome b5 Reductase and the effect of mutations on electron transfer

2015 - Gabriela Casanova Sepulveda -Structural Studies of Cold Shock Protein, Csp-1

2016 - Sarah Chamberlain - Development of a novel, real-time data analysis program for XFEL solution scattering

2017 - Efrain Rodriguez - Optimization of mammalian cell transfection and assay development for TGFB1


For additional information on mentoring and scientific communications, please refer to the video below.