Stella Lisova - Maestro of the Liquid Jet

Most of us in BioXFEL owe the success of our work at LCLS and other XFELs to Stella's remarkable skills. The precision grinding and manufacturing she undertakes to produce nozzles for our liquid jets has enabled much of the static structure determination and practically all of the time-resolved protein crystallography we do at XFELs since she joined us in 2013. Stella completed her Masters degree in Physics in Novgorod, Russia in 1998, and a Masters in Engineering at ASU in 2015. She is skilled in a wide variety of laboratory techniques, from optical and electron microcopy to electronic systems, vacuum systems and vapor deposition. Stella has a particular interest in software for mechanical engineering  design and CAD drawing, and mathematical modeling of non-equilibrium processes, such as the fluid dynamics in our liquid jets. At XFEL beamtimes in recent years, it is the performance of her GDVN nozzles that has earned her the respect of all the PIs, since these nozzles invariably seem to perform better and produce more stable jets than those made by any other group, and so are in great demand by all the PIs. Last minute requests for large numbers of nozzles to be shipped around the world through foreign customs by yesterday are all in a day's work for Stella! (So a bit more notice would often be much appreciated.) We value her work highly, and thank her for her dedicated service, on which we all depend, and which we will all be happy to acknowledge in our publications.