2015 Phenix Workshop at Rice University

By Tom Grant1, George Phillips2

1. Hauptman-Woodward Institute 2. Rice University



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The Gulf Coast Consortia, BioXFEL, and Rice University present an instructional workshop on Phenix, the Python-based Hierarchical Environment for Intergrated Xtallography.

Topics include experimental phasing, molecular replacement, model refinement and structure validation.


In This Workshop

  1. Experimental Phasing

    08 Apr 2015 | Teaching Materials

    Tom Terwilliger introduces experimental phasing techniques for X-ray crystallography and describes recent developments in SAD phasing using the Phenix software package.

  2. Molecular Replacement in Phenix

    08 Apr 2015 | Teaching Materials

    Paul Adams describes molecular replacement methods to solve the phase problem of crystallography and how to evaluate success in Phenix.  He also describes the latest advances in Phenix molecular replacement methods.

  3. Structure Refinement in Phenix

    08 Apr 2015 | Teaching Materials

    Pavel Afonine describes an introduction to crystallographic structure refinement, structure refinement with Phenix.refine, and real space refinement tools for CryoEM and low resolution X-ray data

  4. Structure Validation in Phenix

    08 Apr 2015 | Teaching Materials

    Paul Adams describes how to use the Phenix crystallographic software package to assess the accuracy of crystallographic models.