7. Working with LCLS data remotely

By Nadia Zatsepin

Arizona State University



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Working with LCLS data remotely 

Remote visualization

$ ssh -X <username>@pslogin.slac.stanford.edu  

Whichever way you access SLAC, you will need to log on to the interactive nodes. Whether logged into pslogin, or from inside a virtual desktop in NoMachine (open a terminal), just type 

$ ssh psana

this will put you on an interactive psana node, which has access to the data, while pslogin and the virtual desktops do not. 

Submitting batch jobs

This can be done on site or remotely. During your LCLS experiment, you have priority access to LCLS computing resources, some of which have been set aside ONLY for current experiments. 

If you are accessing your data later or are participating in a workshop, please DO NOT SUBMIT JOBS TO QUEUES LABELLED WITH "PRIO", e.g. psnehprioq or psfehprioq. These are for current, running experiments only. There are plenty of other computing nodes available to you that will not interfere with current users. 

For details on all batch nodes, chechttps://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/display/PCDS/Submitting+Batch+Jobs

To check if your jobs are running

$ bjobs

To see the status of all jobs,

$ bjobs -u all | grep 

Please check the LCLS Computing site for updated information.