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  1. 2015 Serial Crystallography Data Analysis Workshop at ACA Annual Meeting.

    23 Apr 2015 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Nadia Zatsepin, Tom Grant

    We are running a serial femtosecond crystallography data analysis workshop at ACA 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, focused on "Serial Crystallography Data Analysis with Cheetah and CrystFEL: Concepts and Tutorials".   Workshop format: The workshop will start with an …

  2. 2015 Phenix Workshop at Rice University

    03 Apr 2015 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Tom Grant, George Phillips

    The Gulf Coast Consortia, BioXFEL, and Rice University present an instructional workshop on Phenix, the Python-based Hierarchical Environment for Intergrated Xtallography. Topics include experimental phasing, molecular replacement, model refinement and structure validation.