Announcement of BioXFEL discretionary research support 

The NSF BioXFEL Science and Technology Center has funding intended to support research at US institutions. This support is for the application of X-ray lasers to structural biology in collaboration with the BioXFEL STC. The aim is to foster collaboration with the BioXFEL Center and respond to current research needs and new directions. Applications should have direct relevance to the BioXFEL mission. 

Funding requests must be sponsored by a BioXFEL Center member and clearly identify that sponsor in the application.  Awardees will be granted a maximum of $90K in total costs for the first year and upon a positive 12 month review, an additional $90K in total costs the following year. For exceptional performance a third year of funding may be available. Details of the BioXFEL mission and its members are provided at

How to Apply: Requests should include a cover sheet containing contact details, sponsor information, abstract, and the funding amount requested. The applicant should also have a letter from the sponsor (maximum of 2 pages). Proposals are limited to 5 pages excluding references. The proposal should describe the project and the potential for any BioXFEL funding to leverage further research efforts. A short budget justification should be included together with appropriate biosketches. The cover sheet, sponsor letter, budget justification, and biosketches do not count toward the 5 page limit. BioXFEL is NSF supported and proposals will be judged based on relevance and need to the BioXFEL program, the potential to leverage additional research efforts, and on the standard NSF criteria, intellectual merit and broader impact. The sponsor is excluded from the review process. Format criteria for standard NSF proposals (margin/font etc.) should be followed. Researchers who have applied previously for BioXFEL support, successful or not, are encouraged to apply.

All applications should be clearly identified and submitted electronically no later than Feb 1st, 2019:


Jill Szczesek, Managing Director

NSF BioXFEL Science and Technology Center 700 Ellicott Street Buffalo, NY  14203

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 716.898.8597


Applications will be reviewed rapidly and it is expected that funding will be available shortly thereafter.