2015 HWI Crystallization Workshop Now Online

Crystallization is the major bottleneck to 3D structure determination using X-ray crystallography. In this workshop we will discuss many tenets of successful crystallization for both conventional and serial crystallography. Many topics will be covered including fundamentals of crystal growth, strategies to sample crystallization space, identifying crystal hits, electron microscopy applications of crystal analysis, practical considerations for data analysis, difficult crystallization problems, virus crystallography, and an overview of serial crystallography.

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Videos from 2015 ISSC Available Online

This year DESY held the Second International Summer School of Crystallography. The keynote speaker Prof. Carmelo Giacovazzo spoke about the basics of crystallography, covering mathematical understanding of crystallographic point and space groups, diffraction experiments, structure factor calculations, systematic absences, determination of space groups and many additional topics.


Single Particle Imaging Workshop Now Online

Video presentations from the 2015 Single Particle Imaging Workshop, held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on September 29th, are now available online.


NEW! AIP BioXFEL Short Documentary

AIP, ACA, and BioXFEL are proud to present the trailer to a feature documentary soon to be released.  Enjoy!


BioXFEL Students to Present at SCIX2015 this September

SciX2015 is a large research conference allowing students, scientists, industry to showcase their cutting edge developments in analytical sciences, instrumentation and unique applications.  This year two BioXFEL students will be presenting in Rhode Island.  


BioXFEL Journal Article Reaches Number One in Nature

A recent BioXFEL co-authored article published in Nature has reached the number one slot for most read articles.  Below you will find the abstract for "Crystal structure of rhodopsin bound to arrestin by femtosecond X-ray laser".  Full article can be accessed here.