6th Annual BioXFEL International Conference

The National Science Foundation BioXFEL Science and Technology Center is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its sixth annual international conference in San Diego, CA February 12th - 14th, 2019. Our annual External Advisors Meeting will be held Monday, Feb 11th.


BioXFEL in Discover Magazine: Cradles of Innovation

Discover Magazine has done a feature on the National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Center Program.  Below is an excerpt regarding BioXFEL.  Read full article here.


Job opening - Post Doc in THz Biomolecular Optics at University at Buffalo

Job description:

DOE funded postdoc position for the study of photosynthesis proteins and enzymes using terahertz light. We are seeking a highly independent and skilled researcher to join our effort to establish THz techniques that characterize protein structural dynamics. The position involves instrumentation development, sample preparation and characterization. Duties will include proposal and publication writing, mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students and management of outreach in close consultation with principal investigator.


BioXFEL research published in Nature Methods enables seeing inside particles in solution

New research published today in Nature Methods by BioXFEL researcher Tom Grant opens up new avenues for studying the structures of particles floating in solution. 

Typically, molecular structures are determined using a technique known as crystallography, where molecules are chemically induced to align next to each other in a large 3D lattice.


BioXFEL at 2017 LCLS Users' Meeting

BioXFEL was well represented at the LCLS/SSRL Users' Meeting with Henry Chapman giving a plenary talk on Serial Femtosecond Crystallography: Past, Present, and Future featuring snippets from data as recent as 24 hours before the talk.  David Bushnell, moderated a session that included the LCLS young investigator award and Linda Horton, Director of the Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences Materials Science and Engineering Division. A meeting of the joint LCLS and SSRL Users Executive Committee took place with Linda Horton, Petra Fromme, David Bushnell and Edward Snell present.


BioXFEL ASU team among first user groups at Europe’s brightest light source

A team of BioXFEL ASU scientists led by Professor and STC Member Alexandra Ros in the School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery, has been just the second user group to conduct experiments at the brand new European X-ray free electron laser facility (EuXFEL) in Hamburg, Germany. This 1.5-billion-dollar facility is the third, and by far the most powerful, X-ray laser in the world. After ten years of construction, it opened for first experiments just a month ago.